A+ Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal

All natural Hypertonic Saline tattoo removal. No acid and chemical free. How does A+ Ocean lighten and remove tattoos or permanent makeup? A+ Ocean has a much higher salt concentration than the fluid in our cells. This causes osmotic pressure on the tissue containing the pigment and draws the pigment out releasing it into the epidermis. The blood and fluids coagulate and cling to the pigment particles. A superficial controlled scab develops. The natural healing process removes or lightens the pigment when the scab sheds.

Benefits of Treatment: 

Effective for conventional & cosmetic tattoo removal

Removes all colours

Removes all inks and pigments (even carbon black and titanium dioxidepure)

All-natural formula

US made

No carcinogens

No salt clumps or grainy consistency

Cost effective

No tissue damage like laser or chemical removal

Pain free

  • Pricing
  • Pre-Procedure
  • Post-Care

Procedures and Pricing: 

Body Tattoo Removal (Custom Cost - Consultation Required)

Eyebrow Tattoo or Microblading Removal $300

Pre-Procedure Considerations:

  • Emergency removal has to be done within 24 hours of your tattoo procedure or you have to wait min 4-6 weeks to do saline removal.

  • If you have had laser removal, you have to wait minimum 10 weeks.

Post-Procedure After-Care Instructions:

It is critical to follow all aftercare instructions to prevent complications, scarring and to achieve optimum results. Please read carefully. 

  • Keep area clean and open to the air. Do not cover with a Band-Aid or anything else, leave open to air. Air/oxygen provides good and faster healing. You should not be touching the area at all but if you find yourself needing to please make sure your hands are exceptionally clean.

  • Do not soak the treated area in water. You can shower as normal but keep the area out of the shower spray the best you can and do not let the area stay wet for more than a few minutes. NO soaking in the water or the scab will get destroyed.

  • No bathing, swimming, saunas, hot tubs, tanning or intense exercise.

  • Do not disrupt the scabbing progress (i.e. no picking, scratching, etc.) All scabbing needs to fall off naturally. If you force or pick a scab off, you will disrupt the process and possibly cause scarring.

  • Treat area with TLC. The edges can be wiped clean from any dripping blood, the site should be left alone and not get wet for 24 hours. Once the scar is formed bathing is normal but was the area gently with the fingers and soap and rise. Keep the area clean and absolutely no creams, nothing applied leave it alone. If it itches and it is a safe area other than around the eyes, dab with a little alcohol.

  • Once all scabbing has naturally fallen off, apply one drip vitamin E oil twice per day throughout the day everyday for a minimum 4 weeks, or until next lightening or removal session. Do not start applying vitamin E oil until all scabbing has completely fallen off. It is our goal to keep the are as dry as possible until all scabs have naturally fallen off.

Please be patient and give the process a fair chance to work except visible and wanted results in 3 to 6 sessions. 

 How many sessions needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted and how much needs to be removed for the desired result. In many cases only a percentage of the density needs to be lightened/removed and then we can continue the correction process by colour correcting.

In those cases, where we have pigment misplaced or in an unwanted area, colour correcting will not be an option and removing as much of the pigment as possible will be our ultimate goal. No cream or chemicals should be used during the healing process.